According to a 2008 analysis by The New York Times 2,359 high school girls rowed and 2,295 captured a college rowing scholarship in that year. Average amount: $9,723.

And the average scholarship for High Point’s 2014 high school seniors was $29,000!


Rowing is a wonderful team sport and recreational activity that is enjoyed by both girls and boys for its zen-like movement and the healthy competitive nature of the activity. High Point Rowing Club is first and foremost a scholastic rowing program consisting primarily of students from the Triad area in North Carolina. All students in Grades 6 – 12 are eligible to row.

Fall High School Youth program

Fall Middle School program

While the sport has always been associated with the world’s finest universities, rowing is now going mainstream and appealing to students and adults of all ages.

cropped-11225177_10206268451367603_8250061392764999926_n.jpgRowing is now the fastest growing sport in the Triad with many students switching from other sports such as swimming, cross country, and soccer. High Point Rowing Club is the only youth program in the Triad and has received numerous accolades recently in the local media such as the Greensboro News & Record and High Point Enterprise:

Jeri Rowe – Rowing a new way of life in the South

Greer Smith – Rowers make a big splash at Oak Hollow Lake

There are many other reasons to join the scholastic program at High Point Rowing Club:

  • Rowing will get you in the best shape of your life. It is fun and rewarding to work out with teammates with mutual goals.
  • Rowing is a non-impact sport and so rowers get few injuries compared to other sports, making it ideal for boys and girls alike.
  • Inclusiveness: everyone rows – in every practice and every competition. There are no tryouts nor cuts. There are also no “bench warmers.” In an age when high schools have become huge, often with several thousand students, there are still only 5 basketball players on the court and 13 football players on the field. Rowing is different with a long history of large teams with no bench warmers.
  • A quality rowing experience in high school will open doors in college admissions offices.
  • For the parent of a female high school student especially, there is likely no better investment in their education than joining a rowing club. That is because today more college athletic scholarships are offered to female students in rowing than any other sport in the United States.*
  • Friendships made on a crew are often forged for life.

So, give it a row!

Since Title IX, the sport of choice of college athletic directors to counter football is women’s rowing. So, there is huge demand at universities for high school students with rowing experience.


Best in class: The High Point Youth squad adorned in medals won at the High Point Autumn Rowing Festival and wearing their new look Cricket Jumpers.

Best in class: The High Point Youth squad adorned in medals won at the High Point Autumn Rowing Festival and wearing their new look Cricket Jumpers.