Youth Crew Celebrates Season and Seniors at Spring Banquet

Highly polished silver awards are now a Spring Crew Banquet tradition thanks to the generous philanthropic support of the Club’s Patron Jackie King.

High Point Rowing Club’s youth rowers celebrated the end of spring with coaches and parents at the annual Crew Banquet at Oak Hollow Lake on Monday evening.

Connie Curri, who is Charlotte’s mum and parent liaison to the team, thanked parents of the rowers for their generous support of the team, in particular those who hosted the food tables at all the crew regattas, the ‘Duck Committee’ of fathers, who ran the on water activities of the club’s regattas, and the group of mothers, who managed the timing systems and greatly assisted crews in launching and returning the boats to shore at home regattas. Connie then passed the baton of parent liaison to Sierra’s mum Beth Heer for the 2017-18 season.

“This is always my favorite annual rowing event of the year,” said coach Gene Kininmonth following a delicious pot luck feast. “We are here this evening to celebrate victories won, battles hard fought, and to send off three incredible high school seniors.”

Coach Gene thanked Jaclyn Hronich, Paul Herger, Mandy Greene, and Connie Curri for their service as coaches to the Crew and then welcomed the team’s alumni, Katie Ognovich ’14, Addy Millsap ’15, Andrew Wright ’15, Adam Alt ’16, and Kyle Koval ’16, who had returned to the crew for the evening.

Then it was time to pay tribute to the rowers themselves.

“We have many victories to celebrate tonight,” said Gene. “We opened our Spring season at the Clemson Sprints, where we won countless medals before returning to High Point for the State Championships where our club won 7 state championships.”

“To add to this success, our rowers won bronze in the women’s U17 quadsculls event and gold in the women’s pair event at USRowing’s Southeast regional Championships in Georgia. This remarkable win by Maddie Mullins and Junior Ognovich was a first for High Point Rowing Club.”

Gene then presented The York Cup to the crew that recorded the fastest time from Skeet Club bridge to Johnson Street bridge during the previous twelve months. The York Cup crew of 2017 was coxswain Charlotte Curri, stroke Ainsley Fox, Molly Hilemn, William Hundley, Nick Rieker, Matthew Hronich, Jake Bryant, Sierra Heer, Kinkead Crotts. The crew set a time of 16 minutes 38 seconds.

The 2017 York Cup Crew with their silver awards at the Crew Banquet at Oak Hollow Lake.

Coach Gene then presented the club’s Rower of the Year awards to Charles York and Maddie Mullins, who themselves then presented individual awards to rowers for ‘Middle School MVP’, ‘Most Improved’, and ‘Rookie of the Year’.

The most important part of the ceremonies then arrived as seniors Charles York, Maddie Mullins, and Lizzy Knorr were honored and thanked for their service to the crew. The evening then took an emotional turn with each senior passing on their jersey to a younger rower before reflecting on their personal rowing experiences with High Point Rowing Club.

Of course, no Crew Banquet would be completed until the traditional crew photo on the dock was taken.

2017 HPRC Seniors Charles York, Maddie Mullins, and Lizzy Knorr with their silver awards at the Crew Banquet at Oak Hollow Lake.

HPRC rowers William Hundley and Molly Hilemn won awards for ‘Most Improved’ at the 2017 Crew Banquet.

Matthew Hronich and Charlotte Curri won awards for Middle school MVPs at the 2017 HPRC Crew Banquet.

Benjamin Huitt was presented with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award at High Point Rowing Club’s 2017 Crew Banquet.

Rowers assemble on the dock at Oak Hollow Lake for the traditional team photo at the spring Crew Banquet.