Starting Out

All of our athletes are new to the sport of rowing when they start out with High Point Rowing Club, and many eventually go on to row in college. We have alumni who have gone on to Oklahoma, Louisville, Wisconsin, Clemson, Carolina, and the U.S. Naval Academy to name a few.

Training for rowing primarily involves practicing on the water in our eight-person rowing shells. During the winter we work indoors on our rowing machines and lift weights. Our training aims to build power and endurance; you will be in the best shape of your life, guaranteed. Our practices take place in the afternoons. In addition to rowers, we also look for very lightweight athletes to become coxswains. The coxswain is the extremely important person who steers, motivates, directs practices, and plays a critical role in the success of a crew. The fall season serves as an in-depth “learn-to-row” period for our first year rowers. Although we do race some in the fall, our traditional racing season is in the spring, when we race locally, regionally, and nationally.

Participation in the fall season is encouraged but not necessary for participation in the spring season. We welcome multi-sport athletes.

Like any other team sport, friendships made on the crew through mutual hard work and shared experiences are special and last a lifetime. 

When a student comes down to Oak Hollow Lake for their first practice they will be immediately placed in a boat. This “hands on” approach helps our new students quickly learn the basics of rowing technique and the vocabulary of the sport. Wear flip flops and general athletic attire suitable for the weather on the day you start and you are feady to row.

Want to give it a row? We welcome you to give it a go. You might even make it to race at England’s Henley Royal Regatta. Here’s a look: