High Point Masters Win Silver in Oak Ridge

High Point’s ‘Fab Five’ crew of Kristen Bremer, Jackie King, Erica Reisberger, Shelli York, and Morgan Epling won silver at the Dogwood Masters Regatta in Oak Ridge, TN.

Oak Ridge, Tennessee – While High Point Rowing Club’s youth program was dueling with Greensboro Crew on Lake Brandt this morning, a crew of Masters was busy winning medals on the other side of the Appalachian Mountains at the Dogwood Masters Regatta.

The Dogwood Masters regatta is the second stop on the racing calendar for High Point’s ‘Fab Five’ crew of Kristen Bremer, Jackie King, Erica Reisberger, Shelli York, and coxswain Morgan Epling on their way to Masters Nationals in August.

The crew raced earlier last month at the Clemson Sprints regatta in South Carolina finishing in second place. In Oak Ridge, the crew dropped 15 seconds off their time from Clemson to win the silver medal behind Asheville Rowing Club.

Women’s 4+ AA-C Raw Time – Age Adjusted Time
1. Asheville ~ 3:45.7 – 3:39.5
2. High Point ~ 3:53.0 – 3:46.8
3. Atlanta ~ 3: 52.8 – 3:51.4
4. Nashville ~ 3:57.9 – 3:57.1

Well done, ladies!

In Masters boat races, the race times are adjusted for the average age of a crew. So, the older a crew is, the lower their race time is adjusted.

Almost 300 rowers of all ages from 15 rowing clubs across the southeast region converged on the Melton Lake rowing course. For High Point, racing at Dogwood Masters regatta was vital as Oak Ridge will also be the venue for USRowing Masters Nationals later in the summer.

Oak Ridge was established in 1942 as a production site for the Manhattan Project—the massive American, British, and Canadian operation that developed the atomic bomb. Scientific development still plays a crucial role in the city as it is still the site of Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Self Service: As the club grows and evolves there isnt always a coach available to drive boats to races and so High Points masters have become quite self sufficient at managing travel logistics for the boats.