2016 Donors

The High Point Rowing Club Donors of 2016

Caren and Greg York hold their silver cup for ‘service above and beyond’ to the youth rowing program at the 2016 Celebration of Rowing banquet at High Point Country Club.

Club Patrons
5,000 & greater


The Stewards Society
2,500 to 4,999

Erin & Richard Sanders

Power 10 Club
1,000 to 2,500

Jennifer & Ray Burton
Jackie & Herschel King
Gene Kininmonth & Amy MacArthur
Triad Investors Realty Inc
Steve McCusker

Former Masters MVPs Erin Sanders and Mandy Greene presented the 2016 MVP Cup to Jackie King (center). All three rowers supported HPRC in incredible ways during the year.

The Last 500 Club
500 to 999

Crossway Coatings
Laini Fultz
Patricia & Derek Goldin
Marlienne Goldin
Mandy & Eric Greene
Dana & Pete Koval
Allison & Michael Mullins
Barbara Pollard
TE Connectivity
Bev & Larry Snively
Lisa & Silvanus Udoka
Caren & Greg York
Shelli & Brandon York

Maddie Mullins was awarded the Caroline Howard Cup for service and inspiration to her fellow rowers at the 2016 Celebration of Rowing banquet.

Oak Hollow Club
250 to 499

Build Retail Inc
Wes Cashwell
Ann & Bruce Cantrell
High Point Bank
Catherine & John Li
Bobbi & Chad Long
Jacqueline Prevette & Neal Horan
David Thompson
Wells Fargo Bank

Caroline Lind displays her two Olympic gold medals with Mary and Jim Hollingsworth, who have been wonderful supporters of High Point Rowing Club for many years.

Family Banner Club
125 to 249

Patti & John Akers
Chrissy Alexander
Jane Bass
Bass Home Inspections
Lee Bass Nunn
Allison & Paul Blanchard
Lee Brodeur
Robbin & Jerry Bryant
Connie & Mark Curri
Katherine & Louis Ferretti
Jennifer & Paul Fitzpatrick
The Fox Family
Nandita & VC Harish
Mary & Jim Hollingsworth
Holly & David Labiak
Trent Capital Management
Cherie Maness
Debbie & Matthew OConnell
David & Holly Todd
Barbara & Burton Whicker
Nancy & Jeffrey Yohn
Susanne & James Williford

Varsity Blues Club
50 to 124

Lucille Akers
Adam Alt
Lisa Austin
David Blanchard
Larry & Evelyn Bowman
Jacqueline Broach
Susan Brodeur
Jackie Bryant
Oleta Clark

Masters rower Jennifer Burton was an amazing supporter of High Point Rowing Club in 2016.

Audrey Corierre
George Corierre
Olivia Corierre
Debbie Darby
Linda & W.P. Davidson
Ann & Michael Davis
Kelly & Eric Fox
Judy & James Gibson
Mike Glasgow
Brenda Hilemn
Molly Hilemn
Nanette Hutchinson
Dianna & John Jicha
Katie & Scott Jones
Ralph & B. Jones
Joseph Kaku
Holly & David Labiak

Giving to HPRC leads to incredible outcomes for our youth program : 100% graduation rate, amazing college scholarship and admissions stories, and life lessons.

Betsy Lehman
Barb Linch
Alex Lowe
Christy Marchel
Kathy Marshall
Kim Mullins
Maddie Mullins
Richard Ognovich
Susan & V.W. Peters
Melissa Polio
Jacqueline & Grady Prevette
Linda & Edward Seykora
Adam Slack
Andrew Slack
Kristi & Mark Slomski
C. & R.N. Tanner
Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do III
Suzanne & James Tuerk
Audra Tyree
Nancy & Mark Warburton
Lana & James Whiting
Kathy Winters
Mary Beth & Tom Wood
Adrienne & Charles Young


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